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. largely because of the senator who is taking the podium soon, sherrod brown. this is one of the hidden stories of ohio. we've heard a lot about the auto bailout being successful here. sherrod brown is still a very powerful organization of working class democrats who in the past have sometimes gone republican. this year, they're holding obama up is making him look pretty good in ohio is that he's got these working class white voters that he lacks in some other states. >> well, it is interesting, aaron, when i was talking to both the romney and obama campaign folks here in columbus yesterday, they said they're going to be watching not suburban columbus, but cuyahoga county and a lot of those working class voters, of course, also african-american voters, but they're looking at the margins in some of those places like barack obama talk about the importance of those votes. >> let me point out about cuyahoga county. president obama beat john mccain in 2008 in cuyahoga county by a larger number of votes and he won the entire state. so it's really important for cuyahoga county. but a very impo
. hillsboro county in florida stayed with the president. brown county, one of the few large swing counties, mitt romney did pull off brown county, but wisconsin was a game of margins, if you will. speaking of other swing counties, in virginia louden county, prince william county. northern virginia, the suburbs get bigger outside of washington, d.c. a current problem, if you will, for the president -- for the republican party. after nearly a seven-year quest for the presidency, it was not the night mitt romney had hoped for. msnbc's chris jansing is outside headquarters in boston. it's eerie how quiet it is. there's nothing going on behind you. that's not the way they thought this was going to be the morning after the election. >> to say the least. and you mentioned mitt romney had spent almost seven years for president. it was over in about five minutes. a short of gracious concession speech. but that was preceded, chuck, by 90 of what were thought to be bizarre minutes where the media called for barack obama. and some for mitt romney said they would contest it there. at one point ryan got
races here. sherrod brown and josh mendel are in a nasty race for senate. i talked to both about the race for president. let's start with sherrod brown. how tight's this race? >> i think the presidential race is close, but i think the president clearly ahead by a little bit. i think the romney effort on that jeep ad which was clearly in many ways immorally false because it scared a whole bunch of jeep workers in toledo, some of which i talked to in toledo and i think that says the a mar of desperation. we've seen unemployment drop 3.5 points since the auto rescue really took hold. it's not good enough, but it's going in the right direction. i think that worries the romney camp, but frankly, t a celebration for ohio. >> let me ask you to be a strategist for a minute and not a partisan. are we going to have a new president on tuesday night? will it be wednesday morning? sometime after that when some challenges are made in places like ohio? >> i think we'll have, we're not going to have a new president. we'll have the same president again. i think on election night, i think the pres
and against some of our candidates like a sherrod brown who was outspent 3 to 1 and still prevailed says a lot about the strength of our message and the inadequacy of trying to use anger points to motivate people, trying to use hate to motivate people and having a message about this country and inclusive of everyone. >> six of the eight candidates you supported did lose along with mitt romney. foster frieze said too much money was spent on advertising. donald trump tweeted that karl rove should be fired. did you make mistakes in how you spent the money? >> i want to address something that karen said. i don't know of any ads that were hateful. go and look at them on our youtube channel. that's a lot of spin right over there. on the senate side, we did and i'll be the first person to admit have problems on the recruitment side. over the last two election cycles, republicans lost at least six senate seats not because of bad messaging coming from our party, but we had candidates outraised and not ready for the platform that a senate candidate where there's an enormous amount of scrutiny. so instea
this through a political lens, does he want jon kerry take the seat and give that seat back to scott brown? have dr. rice go through a bruising confirmation battle right now? but attend of the day, it's about politics. >> kiki, in addition to susan rices, other women mentioned. sheryl sand best as commerce secretary. what do you think is the likelihood of either of those? >> i can't speak to the likelihood because it would be pure speculation. these are accomplished leaders. they're women. and i think it goes back to the other issue that you mentioned, is the skill there? is the talent there? is the trust there to serve the people? you make good points to their decisions about what somebody does or doesn't want to put their family through. the personal politics are going to be out of this. i think we're seeing signals from both sides. they understand the need to actually work together on issues. that goes for presidential appointments as well. let's get the president's appointments approved and through. unless there's a material reason they shouldn't. >> all right, robert, here's the $6 mi
that scott brown would be able to pull that senate seat from the democrats, but then to move him over to the secretary of defense would still create that same problem and it's not really the position that kerry wants. it's an interesting jigsaw puzzle we're looking at, and you might have a difficult -- susan rice is having a tough time for secretary of state, i wouldn't be shocked see republicans make an issue of john kerry giving everything we've dealt with with his presidential bid. >> good to see both of you, thank you. >> thanks. >>> also making news this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo is asking the federal government for $42 billion for recovery and rebuilding saying hurricane sandy was worse than katrina in some ways. the governor said while more people were killed by katrina, sandy had a bigger economic impact because of the dense population of the new york city area. cuomo has invited house speaker john boehner to come to new york to tour the damage. >>> a peanut processing plant linked to salmonella won't we open today as planned. the fda stopped operations at sunlan
. this is what retirement planners need to consider. let's say mr. and mrs. brown living on any street usa both turn 65 next year. they are unlikely to be affected and still can get medicare coverage. but if we walk next door, mr. and mrs. gonzalez could see a change. they are 60 years old and under current proposals, they would wait to 65 plus several months on top of that. farther down the street, the changes could have a longer coverage gap to fill. they are a55 and could wait untl 66 or 67 or older. it could save money, but it just shifts costs to private insurance or employers in a less efficient way. >> we want to see improvements that actually lower health care costs, not simply change them, make seniors pay more for health care. >> now, one proposal could make seniors pay more simply if you make more, pay more. or what's called the means test. back to any street usa and mrs. graham. she makes less than $85,000. her monthly medicare premium is $115. her wealthier neighbors already pay up to $254 more per honesty because they make more than $58,000 a year. new changes could make them pay
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)